Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Brioche, Brioche

Brioche? I'd say this looks more like a turtle to me.

It was my first class of Breakfast Breads at GB.  This is a 6 week course. The classroom is linked to the basic Baking Arts classroom and while I was in Baking Arts I was hooked with the wonderful smell that came from the Breakfast Bread class. It always makes me hungry. That instantly got me hooked and signed up for this class.

A brioche is suppose to look like a little snowman with a little head on top. For some reason the little heads didn't stick on the bodies and they all rolled down on the side. a.k.a. no more little snowman but little turtle instead.  However, they tasted wonderful. The smell of the eggs, extra yolks and butter and a hint of lemon burst out the moment you put them in your mouth.  It's amazing.  Unfortunately these little guys don't have a long shelf life, you have to eat them all within 2 days the most.

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