Wednesday, February 9, 2011


 I haven't been post much since Christmas. I had been busy honing my savory skills. I had made some crazy 4 course new years eve dinner, attending parties and celebrating chinese new year. Now that it's February things should get better right?

I came across Ms. Humble's Raspberry Marshmallow recipe last week and decided to try it out. Of course C likes mango much much more than raspberries so that's the way to go. Oh, did I mention I hate to strain seeds from raspberries? Using mangoes just makes things so much easier. No straining required!

These marshmallows contains real mango flesh. Wonder how I could get ripe mangoes in February? These are actually frozen Taiwanese mangoes that I found from an Asian supermarket. They came in peeled and seeded. Each pack weights 500g and has 4 halves of mangoes. Compared to the Mexican frozen mangoes from Caucasian supermarkets, these taste sweeter and intense, while more elegant and delicate compare to their Philippine and Indian siblings. Now I just keep a pack in my freezer all the time.

As a bonus to this post, here is my first attempt with modeling chocolate. I know the colours aren't that great. Not sure why the edges of the petals kept breaking and leaking oil.  I think it looks like a hybrid of roses and carnations with the broken petals, don't you think?

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