Saturday, October 15, 2011

No Cutting Corners

Ever ask why wedding cakes cost so much?

"Can you do a wedding cake for 120 people for less than $400?"
No. It's scary how much work is involved in making the simplest wedding cake.

Here's the list of tools involved in this cake:
Stand mixer, whisk, cake paddle, double boiler, 2 pallet knifes, spatula, scale, hand blender, sieve, plastic scraper, numerous bowls and containers, 4 paint brushes, pins, rolling pin, cake rings, rose flower cutters, hydrangea cutters, flower formers, foil, ball tool, parchment paper, wax paper, pliers, wire cutter, hammer (yes a heavy duty hammer!). I think I have got them all. Wedding cakes are works of art that involves long hours and tremendous efforts.

Here's my first take on a wedding cake for a newly wed couple this weekend, a lemony sponge cake with fresh raspberry white chocolate ganache, marshmallow fondant and hand crafted sugar flowers. I am very happy with the result and enjoyed every moment making it.

Now who is doing the clean up?


  1. Hi, I read your post, and you are right!!! I made a dommy cake for my class, and it was so tiring, It takes a lot of time and effort, imaging that I did not bake... It cost, yes, but people pay for time, effort, material and ingredients...

  2. Yes it takes alot of work, effort and time to make a wedding cake. I've made a few now, some real, some dummies and the longest it took was a week to make one with lots of royal icing pipe work.

    First wedding cake, you've certainly done well! :)

  3. I've just came across your blog, just want to say what an awesome job you've done, especially for your first wedding cake! :)



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