Saturday, July 14, 2012

What is Your Style?

I have finally completed the final class of cake decorating at George Brown College. It's been another 10 fun class of sugary art.

For the final project, I would like to make something that can represent my style. So, what's my style? Being a Gemini and born in the year of Monkey, picking a favourite has always been a challenge for me. That's why it has been a struggle for me when I had to design my final project.

Having studied in architecture, I like things structured and adore bold patterns and geometry. I like all things colourful, whimsical and edgy. I also like one of the kind and make things that gives you a "how did you do that?" moment. With all different possibilities, it's hard to make decisions.

After weeks of thinking with inspiration from bridal fashion and jewelery, this is the end result. I especially like the hollow sphere cake topper. Small strips of gum paste were hand cut, rolled, dried, and adhere together with royal icing. The two hearts were hand painted with edible silver.  It's truly a work of art. Hope you like it too!

1 comment:

  1. Goodness, this cake is absolutely exquisite.

    I'd love something like this at my next birthday party! Ha.




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