Sunday, April 7, 2013

Here Comes the Train

Couldn't believe time flew by so fast it seems like I just did Adrian's first birthday cake not too long ago.

Adrian loves Thomas the Train and here it is in cake form! Thomas is hand crafted with sugar paste. Do you like him?

The biggest challenge for this cake is actually the cake itself. Turns out that the little boy has quite a few allergies and had to stay away from eggs and dairy products. The cake needed to be made of natural sugar as well. If you know a little bit about baking you will know that eggs, butter and sugar gives structure, fluffiness and flavour to cakes. So yes this cakes contained none of those ingredients! I didn't have any experience in vegan baking and I was lucky to find a really nice vegan gluten-free chocolate cake recipe to start with and changed it to a vegan refine-sugarless version. Since most cake fillings and buttercreams has both butter/dairy and lots of sugar, I substituted with dairy-free chocolate soy ganache.

To recap, that is no butter, no eggs, no refined sugar, no vegan butter, no egg substitute and no splenda. The cake was surprisingly fluffy with subtle sweetness. I still prefer regular cakes but it's hard to tell the cake contained none of those ingredients if I didn't tell you before hand.

What will Adrian's third birthday cake look like next year?

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