Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Dream

I have had the dream of having my own patiserie for quite a while. Growing up in a family who loves food it's pretty unavoidable to love food.

My grandma is a good cook. He devoted her whole life to being a good housewife. Always keeping things in order in the house and make sure we eat well and sleep well in the house. It's only natural that when she spent so much time in the kitchen, the best way to keep me company she would put me in the kitchen. My first encounter in the kitchen if i recall correctly was to wash veggies in the tiny kitchen sink standing on a foot stool. It was fun playing with the water and keeping myself with a company when i have no siblings (at that time) and no playmates that was my age. I was 3.

I wasn't in particular like sweet foods or desserts when I was young. Of course when you have so much food during dinner and have 6 meals a day, having desserts sounds excessive and unnecessesary. It was only when I have my first encounter of making a fruit flan that I began to be addicted to creating desserts.

To me, eating dessert is such a lovely and romantic thing.

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