Monday, March 8, 2010

Carmelized Pineapple a la Mode

This is such an easy dessert to make. All you need is some pineapple cut in thick discs, brown sugar, some good quality ice cream and whatever crunch topping you have in your pantry (any kind of nuts or crunchy cereal – quaker harvest crunch in this case).

Oh, and a blow torch...
You can make this in 2 minutes. Perfect to serve when you have friends over or just a quick sugar fix.

The melted brown sugar gives crunch and a hint of smokey flavour to the warm juicy pineapple, pairing with ice cold vanilla ice cream. Mmmm.... I enjoyed mine on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Only if the weather is a tad bit warmer, I would have this dessert on my patio with my sunglasses and a glass of malibu with pineapple juice... Who says life cannot be sweet?

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  1. I see that my gift is being put to wonderful good use!



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