Sunday, March 7, 2010

Breakfast Waffle

I love waffles.

I love them so much that even though my kitchen is so small, I have to get one.

You may think I am crazy but I am very picky with the shape of my waffles. My mom has a round waffle maker which I hated. First of all, it is too big. One waffle is more than enough for one person. Secondly, the waffle dish is too thick and the result is usually a chewy and dry waffle.

Personally I like rectangular waffles. They have the perfect height and the indents are all even so that the fillings are even in every bite. The size is also perfect for breakfast or for tea snack.

So finally I tried it out today with a recipe that I found from Pancakes and Waffles by Kate Habershon. I made quick vanilla waffles with fresh fruit salad. What a beautiful breakfast to start the day.

I can foresee I will be using this waffle maker quite often.

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