Monday, June 14, 2010

Baking Overboard - Strawberry Vanilla Custard Cake

Either I am crazy or I just love to stay in the kitchen that much.

Aside from all that cakes and breads that I have been produced over the course of 24 hours, (recap: that's a 11" mango opera, 15 bagels, 1 poppy seed coffee cake and 1 marzipan sun coffee cake) I had to make a cake for my co-worker's birthday on Monday.

It was again a long day on Sunday and I didn't get home until 11pm. 11pm!!! I was going to make a cake without flour (she has a slight wheat intolerant) but flipping through my stacks of book there's just no recipe that I am comfortable to try in a short period of time. I finally gave up and started with the basic sponge cake while I think of a strategy.

Luckily I went strawberry picking in the morning and got loads of fresh-from-the-field berries that has been ripen to the perfect stage. I ended up making a simple strawberry cake that I got inspired from my favourite book of Japanese famous bakery recipes.

Strawberry Cake with Vanilla Custard
You will need:
sponge cake
your favourite vanilla custard
melted white chocolate
simple sugar syrup
whipped cream flavoured with icing sugar
enough strawberries of similar height to pack one layer of your ring mold, hulled
1 ring mold, prepare parchment paper in the interior parameter
piping bag with a plain round tip

Trim 2 pieces of sponge cake to fit tightly your ring mold. Fit one piece at the bottom and brush lightly with sugar syrup.
Apply a thin layer of melted white chocolate over the cake. This is to avoid the strawberry juice to seep through the cake.
Neatly arrange strawberries on top of the cake. Cut the strawberries in half and expose the cut side towards the edge of the cake.
Pipe vanilla custard in all the gaps between the strawberries. Spread the top evenly.
Brush the other piece of cake with sugar syrup, flip over and put on top of the custard.
Spread whipped cream over the cake and refridgerate until set and ready to serve. Remove the parchment paper just before serving.

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