Saturday, June 12, 2010

I am Loving It!

My shin is hurting.  It's painful when I walk or step on the gas paddle.  I almost couldn't control the gas when I was driving on Sunday.  This is way too much for a weekend!

After the night for grandma's birthday cake I woke up early to go to baking class. Having read the course material ahead of time, I thought the bagels that we were going to make shouldn't take longer than 2.5 hours to make, only to find out that next week's class had been canceled and we were to double the course load with the bagels. That was a long, hard core class to produce 15 bagels, 1 poppy seed and 1 marzipan coffee cake in 4.5 hours.

Regardless on the confusing recipes and trying not to mix up all those bread and cake flour that we measured on the table, all the breads turned out great! After passing most of it to my parents I still have enough bagels to survive the rest of the week.  I am falling in love with bread baking. It's very satisfying when it comes out fresh from the oven.

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