Friday, October 29, 2010

Ghosts #2

I was getting quite a lot of compliments of my previous batch of dipped strawberries. I showed pictures of it in the office and my co-workers were complaining for not being able to try them out.

Here it is, chocolate dipped strawberries #2. Strawberries aren't in season though so I am not betting on big flavour. Anyhow it is a good exercise to practice tempering chocolate at home.

This is also a good opportunity to test out a new setup for a photo shoot. Aren't the strawberries cute?


  1. OMG... the ones in the first pic look like they're in flames. Great pics!!

  2. They are Mr. and Mrs. Vampire! ...Yeah the photo didn't show the teeth on Mr. Vampire so he is the vampire in disguise...

  3. They look so funny. the lighting is great, who's idea was it?

  4. mine, but couldn't do it by myself of course. thanks to mr. photographer to figure it out and setup!

  5. TOO cute! OMG I love the spooky lighting. Brilliant concept!



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