Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Sexy Cake

I just love this cake! Velvety smooth yuzu buttercream enveloping a moist green tea genoise, crystalized almond to add crunch and decorated with yuzu glaze and white chocolate curls. The tone on tone cream colour outside looks so sexy hiding the surprising cross section of vibrant green.

Buttercream has quite a long defrosting time. It just won't taste good until it comes to room temperature. Due to the high ratio of butter, the texture resembles very much like cold butter. I wouldn't imagine anyone would like to eat cold butter when the texture is hard and brittle and it tastes dull - well maybe except sandwiched in a pineapple bun. Generally buttercream will take at least an hour to come to room temperature; and therefore making it perfect for travelling. When made properly, all parts of the recipe should be cooked and save to eat after a few hours at room temperature.

I have refined the yuzu buttercream recipe by taking an extra step to sieve through the yuzu syrup before adding into the buttercream. Since the zest is not going into the buttercream I have added another tablespoonful of syrup and the result is a little bit sweeter than I would prefer. Next time I would cut down the sugar to 60g. You can find the recipe here.

To kick up the genoise a notch, I reserved a teaspoon of chopped yuzu zest from the buttercream and added to the cake. That extra tiny bit added intense flavour and tied perfectly with the cream.

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