Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cookies for Charity

Volunteered to donate some cookies to raise money for Japan. Made 3 designs: wish packets and sakuras (cherry blossom).

I used a wet on wet method to pipe these cookies.

I also did a test 3D design but didn't end up in production due to time constrain.

Piping 60 cookies by myself wasn't easy. Glad I had a companion to get me through a long night. Here's what my companion did while I was working on my cookies:

4 hours of piping in 30 seconds.


  1. u guys r so funny... love the designs, esp. the asterisks on wish packets. hmm... i wonder where u got the idea from... lol!

  2. How very thoughtful of you. I love the idea too. Great job!

  3. @ jollymommy: yes thanks for the idea! The girls kept saying "kawaii" to the cookies.

  4. It's actually whoaaaa....sugggoooooiiiii and then kawaii :P

    I think I was more happy with the sugoi than I was with the kawaii :P

  5. Your cookies are so beautiful. And I know 60 cookies are too many to make yourself.
    Great work!

    By the way, the video made me laugh!



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