Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A New Challenge

I have always wanted to have an opportunity to make a multi-tier cake. It's not that often to have such a big event that has enough people to consume a big cake. When a friend of mine asked me if I would like to make a cake for 60 people last Saturday, I was very excited.

This is a 3 tier cake. The bottom portion was actually 2 tiers of the same size. Each of the 3 tiers is a different flavour: the top is vanilla sponge cake with mango buttercream, the middle is green tea jaconde with yuzu buttercream, and the bottom is a chocolate cake with dark chocolate ganache.

Knowing how to make a cake and how to assemble is one thing, it's easy to learn nowadays with youtube. However, practicing is very important too. I have learned the hard way that my time management skills need to be polished, that a 3 tiered cake with 3 different flavours could not be done in 8 hours, let alone having enough time to set the buttercream in the fridge before traveling. I have learned that this size of cake takes 3 pounds of butter to make enough buttercream for masking the whole cake. I have learned that I should have prepare the cake board, tint all the icing for decoration in advance. I have also learned that it is pretty impossible to find a box big enough to encase the cake.

Lesson learned. Now I need another big event to put that into practice. Anybody volunteer?

Side order: what can you do with leftovers? Here's what I did:

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