Monday, May 30, 2011

Do Judge With the Cover

Maybe it was a coincidence, or maybe it was my subconscious, I really wanted to pay a visit to a cupcake store I read about on several blogs. That was the Saturday when I had to go back to the office to work alone for a deadline. I was depressed and stressed, yet very distracted because of the nice warm weather. Getting myself a cupcake seemed a way of comfort and a good excuse to procrastinate.

This cupcake shop is tucked in a small street near King Street and Yonge Street, very convenient for any office workers nearby.

The shop was quite big with no seating. There is a cake display at the cashier and all the available cupcakes were lined up neatly on roller trays behind. I picked up a Mom's golden buttermilk cupcake with strawberry butter icing. The cake lady put it nicely in an individual box. It looks so nice and presentable; however, the store doesn't carry small enough bags to hold an individual cupcake. I had to put it in my big purse, trying to be level on my way through the public transit.

The ride was only 30 mins, and I managed to be sitting down with the cake box level on my lap.

Unfortunately by the time I got back to the office, this is what i got:
oh no!

Icing Avalanche!

Lesson learned: packaging is all important for the cake business. How is the cake going to travel? Can the cake survive in normal weather? How can the customer carry the cake? There's definitely more to think about other than making the cake tasty and pretty.

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  1. I don't think its the packaging's fault. If it were you how would you pack the cupakes then? I think its good enough they gave an insert so the cake wouldn't shift around. the way I see it, might be the type of frosting they use. Probably it was had too much liquid in it. They should probably considering italian or swiss meringue buttercream as they hold up well.



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