Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sexy Sixties

Recently my day job is taking over most of my time. I was so busy that I barely had any time to make dinner to feed myself. When I got a call last week to make a birthday cake, I got so excited and accepted the challenge. Yay for an excuse to get back in the kitchen.

Andrea wanted her mother to enjoy her beautiful sexy decade, hence the sexy sixties cake. The daughter liked the idea of girl in the martini glass from the internet but asked for a realistic direction. I was so happy that I could put what I learned from my life drawing class in school to use and portray the birthday girl in fondant. I also cast sugar diamonds to sprinkle on the birthday girl.

 Who said you can't be sexy when you are in your sixties?
Speaking of sixties, my dad will be turning 60 in August. What should I make him?

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