Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Labour of Love / the Love of Labour

Happy birthday mom!

Mom doesn't soft, mushy cakes and dislikes any cakes with rough textures or chunky nuts. A bit too boring in textures for my taste but since it's her birthday you just got to obey the birthday girl. I decided to make a galette for her since she had always wanted to try one.

A simple recipe but it is a labour of love. I spent at least an hour and a half standing at the stove to make all the crepes and another 30 minutes to make the mango custard filling with fresh mango puree, custard and whipped cream.

This time the custard is thicker than the orange filling I made previously so it only took 15 crepes. I sliced up big slices of mango and arranged them every 5 layers.

Thanks to the delicious mango the mango is sweet, rich and delicate. A lovely dessert! The intensive labour is all worth it.

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